Rent Arrears

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, please contact the Housing Department and speak to a member of staff.

Staff can provide advice and assistance on how to pay your rent, manage debt and signpost you to agencies who can offer more detailed guidance on debt management.

It is important to advise a member of staff if you are experiencing financial difficulties with paying your rent. If you fall into rent arrears and have difficulty paying off arrears in full, you can come to an agreement to pay a regular amount over a period of time to clear arrears owed. Failure to pay rent or come to an agreement with Arbour Housing to clear arrears puts your tenancy at risk and legal action could be initiated to recover monies owed or property.

For further advice and information you can contact any of the following

They can help you to:

  • Check income and maximise benefit entitlement
  • Assist you with making an affordable agreement with Arbour Housing to pay off rent arrears (and other debt if applicable)
  • Provide advice and guidance to you if legal action has been instigated to recover arrears. Some may also provide representation for you in court

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