Engagement Opportunities

Arbour Housing is committed to ensuring that all tenants receive the best service possible by involving you in the services we provide.

We take on board your views/suggestions and use them to improve services for all.

We recognise that it is important that there are a range of options made available for you to choose the appropriate level in which you want to participate.

If you would like to become involved in improving the services that Arbour Housing provides, please complete the form below indicating your desired level of involvement.

Tenant Engagement Survey

Tenant Engagement Survey
Address *
Would you be interested in support to help set up a tenants association in your area? *
Do you feel you are well informed on opportunities to get involved in tenant participation? *
Would you like to be kept more involved and are keen to get involved in the future?
Would you be interested in getting more involved with areas of tenant participation? *
The Tenant Participation strategy by the DFC is currently under review, there is an opportunity for a number of tenants to get involved and meet via Zoom with the DFC. This will be to discuss any areas of improvement as all housing associations will then follow this strategy. If you are interested in getting involved please let me know and I can let you know dates, times and forward on the Zoom link? *
Are you interested in the discussions on the new TP strategy? *
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Engagement Opportunities
You can register with the Association to be contacted either by telephone, e-mail or post to complete surveys or provide feedback on specific areas of services provided
Where no Tenants Association exists you can become a Tenant Representative to represent your local scheme/area
You can carry-out an inspection of our services to identify areas of improvement together with housing staff
Tenant Associations are formed when a group of tenants representing their scheme/area come together to discuss a range of issues
The Tenants Forum consists of a range of Tenant Representatives from across our housing stock to review services, policies and procedures
The Tenant Board Member is elected onto South Ulster Housing Association’s Board of Management from the Tenants Forum.
Assess services and provide feedback by being involved in testing scenarios by telephone calls, reception visit or email.
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