Debt Advice

If you are experiencing difficulties with managing your finances/debts, there are a variety of organisations that can help.

We have listed them below and provided a brief overview as they offer different advice/ solutions.

Organisation Tool Overview Link
Business Debt Line NI Sample Letter Sheets Suite of sample letters for those in business debt to use when corresponding with their creditors Find out more
Citizens Advice (Advice Guide Website) Budget Tool Accompanied by comprehensive guidance notes, this interactive budget planner allows people to create a statement they can use to negotiate with creditors Find out more
Citizens Advice (Advice Guide Website) Sample Letters Sample letter templates for people to use when writing to non-priority creditors proposing a payment plan Find out more
Step Change Debt Charity Debt Remedy Tool Interactive online tool enabling users to work out a manageable budget, and put you in touch with an online advisor to discuss other solutions to a debt problem Find out more
Consumer Council NI Various online resources Provides online budget planner, various financial capability leaflets in a variety of languages. Gives access to the ‘Understanding Payday Loans’ resource Find out more
Irish League of Credit Unions My Budget Buddy Personal budgeting app, for use on a home PC, tablet or smart phone Find out more
Pay Plan Debt Advice/ Debt Solutions Interactive online tools for debt solutions & debt advice. Online advisor to discuss debt solutions and provide debt advice Find out more

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