Tenant Engagement

Arbour Housing is committed to providing a quality service that has a high performance standard. Tenant involvement is an essential element for this to succeed.

Arbour Housing is therefore committed to the following principles:

  • Providing information to tenants
  • Consulting tenants on all matters concerning their tenancy, home and area in which they live

These principles are supported by our strategy to:

  • Encourage and support the establishment of a Tenant Representatives in each of our schemes/areas of operation.

You can help by becoming involved in:

  • Tenants’ Group
  • Attending meetings
  • Contributing towards tenants’ surveys
  • Registering your interest in 1 or more areas of Tenant Involvement

Arbour Housing is committed to providing supports to tenant engagement activities in the form of:

  • Financial
  • Training
  • Administrative

We are committed to ensuring that all tenants receive the best service possible and to achieve this we will provide a range of real opportunities for tenants to contribute to and influence decisions and the service delivery of Arbour Housing, placing tenants at the centre of our decision-making process and to build upon our existing good practices and level of tenant involvement.

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