Repair Responsibility

We are responsible for some of the repairs to your home, but there are some items for which you are responsible.  The following list is a guide to who is responsible for what.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and staff will welcome any query you might have.

Remember that you have to pay for any damage caused to your home by your negligence or through any accidental or wilful damage by you or any visitors.  You are also responsible for any damage or repairs that are required to any improvements that you have carried out to your home.

Repair Tenant Responsibility Arbour Responsibility Exceptions
Baths Where fault is due to misuse
Boilers and hot water tanks
Care/Upkeep of gardens and hedges Tenant Responsibility
Central Heating pumps, timers etc
Chains and stoppers for baths, sinks, wash hand basins etc Tenant Responsibility
Chimney stacks/pots and cowls
Cleaning of gully traps Tenant Responsibility
Cleaning/repair of gutters and downpipes
Coal bunkers
Curtain rails Tenant Responsibility
Door bells
Door entry systems
Draught proofing Tenant Responsibility
Electrical wiring, sockets, switches
Door hinges, locks, handles (external) Lock change where the tenant has lost/broken key
Door hinges, locks, handles (internal) Tenant Responsibility
External stores Tenant Responsibility If provided by Arbour Housing
Floor boards
Floor covering (including adapting doors to accommodate access) Tenant Responsibility Vinyl floor tiles and non slip sheeting by Arbour Housing
Fluorescent tubes Tenant Responsibility
Fuses and bulbs (internal and external) Tenant Responsibility
Garden paths, walls, fences, gates
Gas boilers If tenant has ran out of gas
Glazing Tenant Responsibility Arbour Housing will replace if Police confirm glass broken as result of vandalism
Immersion heaters
Internal and External doors and frames Where the fault is due to misuse
Internal plaster cracks on walls Tenant Responsibility Large cracks in new properties, repaired by Arbour Housing at end of defects period
Internal decoration Tenant Responsibility
Kitchen cupboards and worktops Where fault is due to misuse
Maintenance of communal landscape areas
Mould as a result of condensation Tenant Responsibility
Oil Boilers Airlocks caused by tenant running out of oil or damage caused by tank being tipped
Pest control Tenant Responsibility
Radiators Bleeding air locked radiators
Repair to walls
Repairs to electrical appliances not installed by SUHA Tenant Responsibility
Repairs to solid fuel fires Replacement of glass panels and fire bars
Replacement of bins Tenant Responsibility Arbour Housing will replace at commencement of tenancy, if missing or damaged
Replacement of fireplace tiles Tenant Responsibility
Replacement of rotary dryers Tenant Responsibility
Replacement of toilet seats Tenant Responsibility
Roof repairs
Showers Where fault is due to misuse
Sinks Where fault is due to misuse
Skirting boards
Smoke detectors (mains operated only)
Smoke alarm batteries (if fitted by tenant) Tenant Responsibility Arbour Housing will replace at tenancy commencement
Stair rails
Sweeping chimney Tenant Responsibility Blocked flues causing fire hazard
Taps Replacement of dripping tap washers
Toilet bowl and cistern Where fault is due to misuse
TV aerials Tenant Responsibility Communal TV aerials on block of flats
Unblocking drains, sewers, waste pipes Arbour Housing will recover cost from tenant if blocking if due to misuse
Wall tiling
Wash hand basins Where fault is due to misuse
Washing lines Tenant Responsibility Replacement of posts
Window sills
Window frame, handles, hinges etc Where fault is due to misuse