Welfare Reform

The UK Government has introduced the biggest changes to the Welfare & Benefits System in over 60 years.

These changes will directly impact people on low income and those who are in receipt of welfare benefits including those in receipt of Housing Benefit.

Some current benefits will cease to exist and new benefits and payment systems will be introduced:

  • Social Sector Size Criteria (Bedroom Tax)
  • Benefit Cap
  • Universal Credit
  • Non-Dependent Deduction

Please note that Arbour Housing will keep all tenants updated of any changes.

Support for Those Affected by Welfare Changes

If you need advice about Welfare Reform you can contact the Independent Welfare  Changes Helpline – Freephone 0808 802 0020

Unclaimed Benefits? Make the Call

Make the call for a free and confidential benefit entitlement/ check to find out if you are receiving all the money you are entitled to (0800 232 1271). Alternatively text CHECK to 66101 and an advisor will call you back.

Further advice and information is available by clicking on one of the following links: